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>> the nfl lockout is over and it is news that fan raven -- raven's fans have been waiting to hear. >> the deal they will make footballer reality this season. the voice of the reagan begins our live team coverage from the studio. gm gas only cost about a $30 cents a gallon during the last lockout. but 136 days after they lock the doors, the nfl is reopened for business. both sides committed to the full length of the deal with no outs aside. that puts players back to work in time for training camps. for ravens, that will begin in two days. we focus on the high drama of opening the regular season on september 11. >> everyone works hard. everyone has a passion. everyone believes in this game of football and what we can do to make our game better.
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i think that this is going to make our game better. we're grateful for all the work that both parties did. >> i believe it is important that we talk about the future of football as a partnership. i am proud of them meant that you see behind me. i am proud of the former employers who sat with us and most of all, i dig our fans and love our game. >> this statement earlier today -- we are excited at the players coming back to our facility. we know the coaches are chomping at the bit to get the team ready for the season. i salute are ravens players for how they handled this. on the players' executive committee. all of the news has given way to the different emotional shock at to might not return this year. that and starts with todd heap and derrick mason. we will tell you later apply in sports.
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a bad reaction to today's news. >> there may be some hurt feelings because of the back- and-forth, but fans say, this fall, that will be more than ready to sit on the counter in the stadium watching the game. >> release. we are happy. >> we are ready for the ravens. >> when the ravens take that sealed for the first game against the steelers, fans say they will have forgotten all about the four months of waiting and drama. >> the trauma was about money. it is a business and they have to make money. if the owners and players have to make money. i am glad that it is over. i am ready for some football. i am a big-time fan since i was a kid. i am sick of the millionaires chiding with the billionaires. >> this puts an end to the first work stoppage since 1987 but as
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1987. we deliver the good news to the mother of green bay packers kicker mason crosby. >> i don't think anyone is right or wrong. they both had things that were dated and needed to update. they took care of business. >> according to usa today, a television viewership of the draft dropped 7% this year. merchandize in ticket sales also fell. have fans lost any enthusiasm for the game? >> i do not think so. they do make a lot more money, but otherwise, we love it. we want our football back -- and if there had been all lockout, completely, however and upset with the owners, not the players. >> to the first home preseason game will be aired on wbal's on august 19. reporting live, wbal.
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>> a lot of reaction on facebook. great, the spoiled millionaires are finished blinding and the americans can throw more money at them to argue about next time. it is going to be a wonderful fall season now. we have a football duquesne way and by becoming a friend of wbal on facebook. >> within three minutes of the president's remark, house speaker john boehner fired back with our bottle. first we get the latest on the debate as the default deadline draws closer. >> left with a stalemate. >> the president blamed that on the partisan three ring circus in washington. >> it is a dangerous game we have never played before and we cannot afford to play and a . >> president obama called on congress to compromise, raise
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the debt ceiling, and avoid a disastrous default. >> we cannot allow the american people to become collateral damage or washington post political warfare. 2 and there is no stalemate here in congress. >> house republicans are pushing for more than one trillion in cuts and spending caps, with a $900 billion limit in the -- increase in the debt limit. >> the crisis atmosphere that he created will simply disappear. >> the democrats proposed raising it by more than $2 trillion. >> the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> both sides have made concessions for the present has signaled a willingness to drop his demand for increased tax revenues, and republicans lowered their demand on spending cuts. the standoff drags on.
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a key sticking point is the timetable for the extensions. house republican plan would require another vote in six months. democrats say they do not want to go through this battle again anytime soon and especially not in an election year. >> before you go, many people at home want to know the next move. >> it looks like we're going to be getting some votes on this in congress this week. house republican plan could come up on wednesday. the senate democrats will put their plan up for debate likely at some point later this week. >> at august deadline is quickly approaching. many think both democrats and republicans are not doing the job soon enough. thank you very much. in other news, local senior citizens are making their voices heard on the debt ceiling issue. the rally alongside union members and federal employees
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outside the social security administration this afternoon. most concerned about plan that could mean cuts in their social security, medicare, and medicaid. >> we're being asked to increase our tax rates and significantly being asked to suffer lower pension rates. to cure a problem we did not cause. >> been that the nation defaults on its long, social security and other government payments will likely continue to avoid uproar from constituents. >> is a temporary leader of the baltimore police department of the investigation division. his resume includes the inspections and the detective unit. he replaces nathan were filled. that move comes less than a week after an officer was indicted on drug conspiracy charges. tonight we're hearing from one relieved mother after being reunited with her 7-year-old son. how the boy got from southwest
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baltimore to washington, d.c. >> he is a ladies' man. i did not know they were coming after him. really >> be that he is back in baltimore, on harm, she is glad she can hold our seven-nth old son ki'yauhn birch again. the teenager accused of taking them. mother and son were reunited at children's hospital in washington, d.c. the top was taken to the medical facility for evaluation as a precaution. he was spotted around 6:30 a.m. in northeast d.c., baltimore police spend much time questioning that teenage babysitter taking care of the boy when both disappeared. >> they said that she was saying that this was her son.
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should return to get back to her family. >> the father told us that he barely knew the girl but he decided to leave him with her so that he go to a neighborhood store and get cigarettes. >> that is what i told her. she took him. >> the mother said that after the two disappeared, she learned a lot about the teenager from her face but page. she is a runaway from a baltimore groupon. the father made a huge mistake. >> she shows of two years later? >> the great-grandmother cannot hide her joy. >> come here. come here.
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this is our hearts, and thank god he is back with us. >> how they ended up in d.c. is still a mystery. the mother thinks that the teenager got a ride. no word yet on any charges. >> tonight police looking for two teams, and surveillance camera allegedly trying to set up corner store on fire. they walked into the lucky , and startedore walking when one likes something and tosses it behind the store. a longtime resident tells 11 news that the store has become a gathering place. >> they have taken the store and refurbish the side of a very there is always someone sitting here.
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>> the fire caused about $5,000 in damage for anyone with any information is asked to call 911. >> baltimore police searching for a man who escaped custody while being treated at a hospital. police say that he is wanted on and on robbery and violation of probation warrant. mayfield is known to frequent brooklyn park. he is considered armed and dangerous. if you know where qishan made film maybe, called -- if you know where he may be, col. a man suspected of pushing his girlfriend out of moving vehicle has been arrested. it was the victim on the high-95 last week after hitting her in the eye and threatening to cut her. williams faces attempted murder and assault charges. >> a cornerstone is now in place. the organizer explains why the
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event will be worth the investment. >> also tonight, the autopsy. what the carter learned about amy winehouse. >> we are filing this suit looking at the process and the procedure how same-sex marriage became law in new yorker >> a new fight over the law. the group that claims the measure violates the law. >> hedy's showers and storms on the radar. by now, 75 at the airport. the committee had 94%.
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>> the grim task of searching for bodies after the terror attack continued in norway. they are looking for victims who may have drowned after trying to swim for safety police have
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lowered the number of people killed in the shooting from -- to 68. and number of factors contributed to the incorrect death toll. >> the situation which was chaotic, as i said, and the priority was given to help those injured. in may the number uncertain. >> tens of thousands turned out to mourn the victims, leaving thousands of flowers as a memorial. it will take a few more weeks before we learn how grammy winner and the winehouse died. they have not determined a cause of death and they will have to wait for toxicology results. the officials say that the scene of her death was found to be non-suspicious by police. a private family funeral is set for tomorrow at an undisclosed location. >> in double say to less naacp
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benjamin jealous says that they will fight laws that disenfranchise high number of minority voters. of 47's compares new laws states with those passed in the jim crow era. he also said it would work to defeat unfair sentencing laws and improving urban education. the ink was barely dry on marriage certificates in new york before opponents filed suit against the law. the religious group new yorkers for constitutional freedom is challenging the process that ushered in the law. >> thank you for making our dream come true. jim one day after hundreds of same-sex couples legally wed in new york state, opponents of gay marriage filed the first lawsuit to overturn it. >> it has not stop the wave of ceremonies that began after midnight on sunday.
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in new york city, the back-to- back weddings lasted all day. some couples waited in line for five hours or longer before saying there "i do's". others waited for years to see same-sex marriage become law. >> to you promised to love and cherish and keep them for as long as you both live? >> the new york mayor officiated two couples. >> things are changing. people's opinions are evolving. our wedding and so many hundreds of others yesterday represent something very traditional and loving, just about family. in a gallup poll in may found that the majority of americans say that gay marriage should be legal. new york is the sixth and largest data along with washington, d.c. to legalize same-sex marriage. but now along with ceremonies, the debates and legal battles in new york and other states
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continue. >> >the governor hasn't bowed to make same-sex marriage are priority during the next legislature. many clergy have expressed their the opposition. >> with a baltimore grand prix around the corner, construction is under way downtown. the first wall was put up. many roads have been repaired. the 2 mile course will begin at the convention center in or around the inner harbor. the event is well worth the $8 million investment. >> this is being held over labor day weekend. it is not traditionally of busy weekend in downtown baltimore. we're going to fill hotels and it will be a huge economic impact to the city. >> debt and expects one of 100,000 people to attend the event there but there are doubts
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that it will inject $60 million into the city economy. >> now your forecast. >> very heavy thunderstorms in the area at times today, with heavy amounts of rain. a couple of inches coming down in a short period of time with the slow-moving storms. one tracking through southern cecil county. again, slow moving, so you get under one of these, and the areas flood rather quickly. but most of the state is rather dry. that last little batch of storms tracking slowly south on the upper eastern shore. officially in baltimore, just six tenths of an inch at vw by -- bwi. the official minute -- measuring stations ended up with less. hot day. 90 at the airport.
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93 at the inner harbor. 100 degrees was the record set last year. you can see the green patches ending at up to 3 inches of rain in some places in howard county. patches of heavy rain on the eastern shore. cecil down into quintilian's county. queen anne's county. it is still warm and muggy out there. the storms are developing a head of a cold front will move through in the early-morning and pushed off into the coast, allowing the winds to shift to the west and northwest. that will bring in a dryer and cooler air. it is behind the front that we get the heat relief. that will settle through during the day tomorrow. high pressure in the northern lakes delivers us a little more comfortable air for the middle
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part of the week. you can see the clear sky anticipated for the afternoon to mark, maybe a few scattered clouds as that reinforcing cool front settles for. sunny to partly skies on thursday. not quite as hot. a little less humid. it's still top the 90 degree mark, but with the west winds bringing in the drier air, it will be a lot more tolerable. state water temperatures in the mid 80's. i could day in the mountains to market a comfortable 81 degrees. it should be picture perfect in the mountains on wednesday and thursday. still kind of hot, but less timid and it will get even cooler on wednesday. it will be warm when you look at the thermometer and stepped outside in the sunshine. but with a lower humidity, even 93 should feel better. our best day of the week is wednesday for outdoor activities. then they start to heat up
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again. by saturday, back in the mid 90's with a chance for a thunderstorm. >> on the day of the big labor bill, several ravens get the word that they may not have room for them on the roster. the who and why next on sports. 34-16-8-1-27-6 if no one matches all six
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numbers, the jackpot will jump. check out the maryland lottery on facebook and twitter. let yourself play.
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>> a quick emotional ship for many players and fans. the euphoria at a labor deal and a shot over him may not return.
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that includes todd heap and. derrick mason they informed that tight end tonight that they plan to release him later this week. it becomes as part of a raven effort to free up money under a salary cap. he had 41 touchdown receptions, the most in reagan's history. -- ravens history. it could leave the door open to a new deal at a lower salary for the 11-year veteran. as for derrick mason, he appears on his way out or to a lower salary. that team or a lot -- or reportedly release him as well. the 37-year-old los like he will become a casualty as well. they have told willis mcgahee that he will not have a locker at the owings mills camp.
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he is in a pricey category. ki'yauhn birch -- kelly gregg also looks to be headed for a pay cut. by releasing them, the ravens will free up billions -- millions in salary cap room. it comes literally hours after the end of the 136 day in fl lockout. they rejected the other state voted to accept the labor deal. but the income just-in-time to keep every game other than the hall of fame game still on the schedule. roger goodell had a tough time, but they can focus on football instead of labor law for the next decade. >> it has been a long time coming. football is coming back and that
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is great news for everyone. i want to thank all of the players for their leadership and for securing the long-term future of the game. having a 10-year agreement is great for our game. most importantly, our fans. >> today's completion of the deal puts the preseason and hyper speed. owings mills will open for meetings, physical, and so on. camp is not open to the public this year. on thursday, a round of the nfl waivers began. on friday evening at 6:00, the free agent market opens. between now and then, players will report to their union. >> we worked hard to get a fair deal done. we did not get everything that both sides wanted. there things that players wanted and owners wanted that we did not get but we arrived at a deal that we think was fair and
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balanced. >> and they got football back on the field. that is all the fans care about. they got it back without disrupting the schedule. >> held a chance like that of certain players are not there? >> that will not like it at all. todd heap and derrick mason are fabulous players. >> todd is another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you.
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then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> the rains came in no relief.
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>> everyone will get the benefit of the cool front moving through. 92 to more, not really that coal. >> if it is doable. >> tuesday he is even more doable. temperatures climb back into the mid 90's later in the week. at 89 on wednesday, it will fill chilly. >> it will be sweater weather. >> just want to check. we will see you back here tomorrow. have a good night. >> of breaking news at
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